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Lici ladybarber

Marking a New Era in Tonsorial Arts

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 Felicia “Lici” Quintero  (Lici_LadyBarber) Arguably the most impactful leader and image of a woman in a predominantly male ran industry. From her charismatic and impactful character to her poise but savage works of art, she has made it a mission to disrupt the industry one service at a time. Letting her tonsorial knowledge be the passion behind the masterpieces that can be used as a reflection of her larger than life grit.

      Lici’s story starts in the Bronx, New York, 1984. Beginning her journey with just about every obstacle a child could possibly have it never managed to dwindle the light of her massive dreams. At an incredibly young age, Lici was involved in a terrible accident that burned parts of her body and prevented her from the full range of motion in her hands. The hands that she originally planned on using to help others. She was encouraged by her therapist to start drawing and creating art as part of her recovery. It was there that young Lici would lay down the runway from which one day she would take flight. Finding strength and hope in her artistic and creative nature lead Lici to pursue licensing in cosmetology. But even that would prove to be another hurdle she would overcome.

      Constant leaps of faith being the best way to depict every impactful moment of her life. Lici relocated to  Puerto Rico in search of family assistance in the pursuit of her degree. One hurdle after another would lead her into homelessness. Nevertheless, Lici equipped herself with knowledge, patience, discipline, and experience forming the foundation off for her career. Her display of amazing resilience would guide her to graduate at the top of her class. Shortly after her graduation she takes yet another courageous leap of faith and uproots to Denver, Colorado.

      The family she always wanted. At this stage of her life, Lici would enjoy the beauty of having her own family, her beautiful daughter, and two well-mannered sons’. But even through this joy, she would struggle as a single mother trying to make a name for herself in the barbering industry. Being a strong woman at home yet being treated like she did not belong in her career field by many of her colleagues. Lici would build the courage to challenge her colleagues in barber challenges to prove her abilities; Stepping on stage competing against other men, would lead her to be widely known in the barber and beauty industry. Everyone began to be mesmerized by this Lady Barber, causing traction in the media from a strong woman taking over an industry that was so male-driven and the world began to be fascinated by her undeniable skills.

      The rise of the phoenix. Lici finally receives the opportunity that would shatter the ceiling of limitations that was holding her back. After years of self-promoting and guest appearances, Lici receives the call would cause her career to take flight with the opportunity to appear on the CW’s Cedric’s Barber Battle TV show. The euphoria of the opportunity sat on the pendulum of affording her rent or purchasing her flight. If putting it all on the line was a moment, this would be the epitome of just that. Knowing she wouldn’t have a home to come back to if she didn’t win motivated her, the underdog of the competition, to once again pull from that fiery and poise nature of hers’ and ultimately being awarded the championship belt. The belt where she would hang the multitude of awards and accolades in the coming years. Lici has opened the doors for many to learn by her instruction, from judging a multitude of barber competitions and a renowned beauty pageant to motivational speaking and assisting in the rebranding of Hair Palooza (an Industry event meant to celebrate all aspects of fashion, barber, and beauty). The sponsorships and opportunities would start pouring in.

      Fear is a manifestation of your insecurities, making this her slogan as she became a Global Educator for various leading manufacturers in the industry. Followed by her recruitment to the Popular Nobody team, who’s focus is to teach creatives how to build a brand that lasts. Lici continuously inspires the next generation of future barbers by elevating the industry one artist at a time. Ms. Felicia ‘Lici’ Quintero's story is one of true inspiration to all, overcoming the darkest of days and toughest of opponents, she demonstrates how betting on yourself and taking that leap of faith truly pays off in the end; ultimately your biggest threat is only your own insecurity of yourself.


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